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About me

Holger Grosse-Plankermann

Lead Frontend Engineer

Next.js React.js TypeScript Testing AWS

Düsseldorf Germany

Hi! I am Holger!

I love to develop great software. Frontend and cloud environments are my sweetspot most of the time!

But tech-lingo is just one part of me:
I find joy in the human side of development. Helping others get better at what they do! Listening, communicating, mentoring, organizing meetups and events and of course sharing the things I learned along my way.

And with all of that: I enjoy learning from that and grow with it.

Apart from that I like podcasting and doing youtube stuff.
I weigh my beans for a decent espresso in the morning, I love to cook and nerd about fancy asian spices. I favor guitars in music and try to play as well. I enjoy boardgames (with Terraforming Mars being my favorite).

If you prefer having the CV in printed form, please download it here oder hier (auf Deutsch)